Eberhard Cottage

Because growing crops yourself ...

... tastes the best!

The pandemic has given everyone their fair share of challenges, that includes us as well. But mainly we want to see it as a chance to strike new paths. We see regionality "Passionately Different"! We like to tackle things and DO them.

Since spring 2020 we want to set an example and have made the Eberhard cottage our vegetable supplier. Robert, the boss' husband, takes care of the big field with the help of some amazing friends and guests. This adds a sustainable value to us at Eberhard but as well as to the region. For all of the helpers it's not only a wonderful compensation to their office jobs, but also a very personal matter.

The Eberhard Cottage introduces itself:
full of tasty veggies again in Summer 2021
Harvest crops yourself
Seeds from pure stands
The plants were grown for us by garden centre Reisinger
no chemicals, only soil, water & sun
Vegetables are being used by us at Eberhard and (maybe) at your home