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The people behind my products

They live right here in the Genussreich around Eberhard
and are friends for life.

Familie Bleyer

Stadlmaier Alm . Familie Bleyer

Birgit and Rainer Bleyer are not only managing the Stadlmaier Alm in the Kleinen Gössgraben but are also delivering the ham for our breakfast buffet every week. s

Wildspezialitäten Blin

Hochsteirische Wildspezialitäten

Roe deer from the gorgeous nature at the edge of the Eisenerzer alps. Dipl. Ing. Betram Blin is providing us with venison of excellent quality.

Biohof Bachhube

Biohof Bachhube

Kathi Dianat brings us eggs and lamb meat from her farm. She also housing our Shropshire sheep, which are our "offroad lawnmoyers".



Helga and Reini Schenkermaier of Erzbergbräu in Eisenerz were the ones who taught me beer drinking and enjoying!

Familie Etschmayer

Bread by Fam. Etschmayer

Birgit Etschmayer from Schardorf brings us fresh, home-made farmer's bread.

Kräuter von Frau Haberl

Herbs from Upper Styria

Maria Haberl is THE herbalist of our region! der Gegend! She's responsible for the herbal salt in our soup, the potato patties, in sauces, ...

Bobbys vulgo Aumoarhof

Bobby's vulgo Aumoarhof

The Aumoar's. Barbara and Robert are delivering berries, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seed oil, runner beans and they also brings us the most beautiful christmas trees!

Fischspezialitäten Igler

Fischspezialitäten Igler

Hannes Igler from Kalwang is providing us with fresh fish regularly.

Familie Konrad

Biobauernhof Fam. Konrad

Sandra and Erhard Konrad are delivering excellent mozzarella from their farm.

Mötschlmaierhof Lanzer


Barbara and Thomas Lanzer are the ones behind our spelt products and wonderful vegetables.

Familie Milwisch

Bio-Ziegenhof Milwisch

The family is running an organic farm with goat grazing and they make an absolutely magnificent goat's milk cheese in all degrees of ripeness.

Girnerhof Mitteregger


The "Speckkaiser" of the Mitteregger family are bringing us the great cold cuts at our breakfast buffet.

Familie Reichl

Reichl's Schnapsothek

The barrel-aged hard liquors are made by Sabine and Kurt Reichl from the Schnapsothek - of course you can also book tastings there.


Steinrisser’s Bacon

Sensational bacon! Especially during asparagus season or in combination with the Asmonte & honey dressing ... hmmmm

Bergland Alpakas

Bergland Alpakas

Enter the world of alpacas: meet the gentle animals and let them enchant you. Escape your everyday life and find inner peace on a hike with them.

Friends of the house

They might not be part of the Genussreich – but they are still my friends
and they deliver great products, which are just part of Eberhard.

Honig vom Glössl

Honey from Glössl

Thomas Glössl - our wonderful beekeeper, who provides us with great products of his beekeeping.